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A Flu Pandemic is the single most deadly event we are likely to experience in our life times.  Pandemics occur, on average, three or four times in a century.  The last hundred years have seen the 1918-1919 (Spanish Influenza), 1957-1958 (Asian Flu) and 1968-1969 (Hong Kong Flu) pandemics circulate around the globe.  Pandemic flu threats were identified in 1976 (Fort Dix, New Jersey) 1977 (Northern China), 1997 & 1999 (China - direct transmission from chickens to humans) as well as the 2009-20019 H1N1 (widely and incorrectly known as 'swine' flu).

While not a worst case scenario,the 1918-1919 Flu is the worst documented historical case we have for influenza.  World wide estimates of influenza deaths range from 50 to 100 million people with nearly 675,000 dead in the United States alone.
It is important to note that Flu Severity Tracker is not focused on where the flu is currently active - numerous sources provide this information and it is estimated that around 30 to 50% of the population will be infected by any given year's influenza strain.  Our service is focused on the severity of the active strain - is it killing a higher number of people than we have seen in the past?
Utilizing our database and statistical analysis we generate a weekly report with a list of cities in a status of Warning, Watch, or Did Not Report.  The cities are those monitored by the CDC and the data collected and analyzed is the weekly deaths attributed to Pneumonia and Influenza.  The current number of reported deaths is compared to the historic average and standard deviation and elevated levels of deaths in a city are flagged. 
The result is a simple yet powerful tool for monitoring the current flu conditions in the United States.  Subscribers recieve a clear concise email including indication of potential 'hot' spots, a nationwide overview, and detailed data in an attachment.  Our intention is to provide busy individuals with a means to quickly asssess the situation and then take any necessary action.

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